Adam Bumpus' Web Page

Welcome to my webpage. It's plain, it's boring, it has no flashing banner ads, and I like it that way. It does have links to lots of pages of pictures, software and other goodies. Click away, you might learn something. has lots of lots of pictures of what we and our friends and family have been up to. Some of the links below point to something in particular, but there's lots of other stuff there too.

I've made a few pages about homebrewing. Brewing beer is something that keeps me busy and is a good way to waste time and money building gadgets.

Directions to my house.

My wife, Shelley and my dog, Rusty, have their own web pages that you might like to look at.

My Children — Megan and Nick — do not have their own webpages, but Shelley writes about them extensively on her blog CAUTION SPEED BUMPuS.

This is the page for some little programs I wrote to do cool things with ancient cell phones.

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